I constantly need Bubble Wraps and Packing Peanuts. I can pick up within reasonable distance from me in Newport News, VA.
Hi i am still looking for bikes or scooters for my kids. They dont even have to be in great condition..paint goes a long way. My kids are 16..11..10 and 7. O recently moved out from my abusive husband. Anything would kindly help. Thank you
Looking for clothes for my kids. If you can help i will be truly grateful!! 16 year old boy 32/30 bottoms..medium shirts..large bottoms 11 year old girl 14/16 bottoms or tops or size medium in women for tops or bottoms 10 year old girl size 10/12 tops and bottoms 7 year old boy size 10/12 tops and bottoms
I need a car seat that is in good condition and hasn't been involved in an accident. Thank you in advance. :)
ISO a few items *weedeater *birdbath *plant pots *garden soil *bird feeder *garden hose *watering can *interior paint *exterior paint *floor lamps *bedroom furniture
Looking for boys clothes all seasons size 7/8 preferably size 8. Will take 8/10 summer
I am new to learning how to knit/crochet. I m looking for any yarn, maybe left overs, or really anything. I m trying to learn how to work with different textures and gauges. No preference for color, texture, length!
In need of totes/ wrapping paper
in need of more hamster gear for our hamsters. we are looking for a spare cage and a wheel, maybe some tubes or balls for them to play in. anything you can spare is fine we are in great need. ours are getting grumpy and starting to fight from lack of play space and over who gets to run on the wheel lol
In need of small bean bag chairs or children chairs for a special needs class to use during circle time. Will bee glad to pick up. Thanks!
All types of tools if you no longer use them i can put them to use!
If you have any old sheets or old towels you no longer want I'll be happy to take them off your hands.
Need a set of bunks for grandkids. Thanks in advance.
I'm naturally a size small in most things. Jean size 4 or small. Interested in any maternity items you have lying around that you'd like to get rid of!
My phone stopped working so I need a replacement phone. Thanks in advance
I need a cat carrier to transport my pet. If you have one that you will part with, I would appreciate it.
Hi, I am looking for a desktop or laptop computer for my remote job. My computer has Vista which is no longer being supported by browsers. All help is appreciated. Thank you, Kay
Looking for an 18cuft (or a little bit smaller refrigerator). It is needed for the kitchen of a local nonprofit. Their refrigerator bit the dust. We will be happy to take it off of your hands.
Would like this for my Grandson.
Posting for a friend whose disabled son lives with her. He needs a tv. Brenda from Tabb
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